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800px-Albertonykus borealis

Not to be confused with Albertosaurus and Albertaceratops

Albertonykus (meaning "Alberta claw") is a genus of alvarezsaurid dinosaur from lower Maastrichtian-age (Upper Cretaceous) rocks of the Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Alberta, Canada. It is known from forelimb and hindlimb remains from multiple individuals. All but two of the specimens come from a bonebed dominated by Albertosaurus. Albertonykus is interpreted as having fed on wood-nesting termites because the forelimbs appear to be specialized for digging, but are too short for burrowing. Albertonykus is the earliest-knownNorth American alvarezsaurid; isolated remains of alvarezsaurids are known from later rock units in Montana and Wyoming (USA).

The type species is A. borealis, described by Nicholas Longrich and Philip Currie in a paper published in 2009 (which was available online as a preprint in 2008). The specific name (borealis) means "north".