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Caridosuctor populosum1

Fossil of Caridosuctor

Caridosuctor was a coelacanth, lobe-finned fish that lived during the Carboniferous period about 318 - 326 million years ago. Smallest known individuals were about 30 mm (2 1/4 inches) long but largest ones were about 250 mm (10 inches) in length.

The body of Caridosuctor is completely covered by thin, rounded, overlapping scales. It had few but large teeth, thick lips, and a very large mouth. That suggest Caridosuctor was a suction feeder that ate larger prey. One specimen was found with a paleostomatopod shrimp (Tyrannophontes acanthocercus) in its abdominal cavity, about 1/3 the size of the fish.

Caridosuctor duo

Fossil (top) and reconstruction (bottom)of Caridosuctor.