Dinosaur songs are a little famous, but not as much as toys, TV shows, and video games. Anyway, here are a few:

Dinosaurs Edit

(to the tune of "Pussycat, Pussycat")

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, Where have you been? I've only seen you In books that you're in. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, Why aren't you here? I want to know what Made you all diasappear!

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, How you would roam! Forests and beaches Were your private home. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, How you could eat! Dining on plant life Or dining on meat.

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, Where did you go? Once you were giants, And how you did grow! Dinosarus, dinosaurs, What made you die? So many guesses, But no one's sure why.

-Meish Goldish

(Song from

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