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Gigantopithecus was a giant ape related to orangutan. It lived during the Pleistocene epoch of the Quaternary period roughly 1 million-250,000 years ago.

Gigantopithecus was the largest ape that ever lived. It was 3 metres (9.8 ft) tall and weighted up to 540 kilograms. Gigantopithecus ate bamboo, other vegetable foods, seeds and fruit.

Practically everything we know about Gigantopithecus derives from its scattered, fossilized teeth and jaws. Paleontologists aren't even sure how this colossus moved; the consensus is that it must have been a ponderous knuckle-walker, like modern gorillas, but a minority opinion holds that Gigantopithecus may have been capable of walking on two feet.see more on the ice age wiki.