Gigantspino 1

Gigantspinosaurus` (meaning `giant-spined lizard`) is a genus of dinosaur from the Late Jurassic. It was a stegosaur found in the Upper Shaximiao Formation of Zigong, Sichuan, China, and is known from a partial skeleton missing the skull (except for the lower jaw), hind feet, and tail. As impressive as it sounds, Gigantspinosaurus ("giant spined lizard") is what's known among paleontologists as a nomen-dubium: there's simply not enough fossil evidence to determine whether this was a true stegosaur, or whether it merits being assigned to its own genus, rather than as a species of another genus. The most notable aspect of Gigantspinosaurus was its two shoulder spikes, twice the length of its shoulder blades and longer than any other spikes on its body. Paleontologists disagree about which way these blades faced, up and out or over and back, a matter thatprobably won't be settled umtil further fossil discoveries are made.

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