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Leaellynasaura 1.jpg

Leaellynasaura was a small Hypsilophodontid, of the Early Cretaceous of Australia, 112-100 Million Years Ago. It was around 2 metres long, and a metre, probably weighing less than 60 kilograms. It lived in social group,s that relied on lookouts to warn of approaching predators, in the lush polar forests. As a polar animal, it was adapted to endure the harsh winter twilight of the time, and months would pass before sunlight returned. Its eyes were huge in relation to its body, and as such it probably used them to see in the dark, whilst trying to eek out an existence in the hardships of the winter twliights. It would have been the prey of Australovenator, the 'Polar Allosaur', and its only defence, as with all others of its kind, was to use its incredible speed to escape from them. It as a small opportunistic herbivore, feeding on soft leaves, ferns and clubmosses, as well as berries scattered to the ground by the destructive feeding activities of larger Dinosaur herbivores, such as the Rhabadontid Iguanodont, Muttaburrasaurus.