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The very first fossil ever found of Mei long was in a sleeping position, very similar to a bird's, with its head and its tail curled up around the rest of its body. In fact, this is what led to it getting its name, Mei long, which actually means "Softly-Sleeping Dragon", in Chinese.

Mei long is not always sleeping by ferahgo the assassin-d4uoje3

Mei long belonged to a family of dinosaurs known as the Troodontidae. The Troodontidae, in turn, belongs to the infra-order Deinonychosauria, which also includes the Dromaeosauridae. Both of these families are often referred to as "Raptors", in popular culture, and by the majority of the general public, mostly thanks due to the Jurassic Park series of books and movies, by Michael Crichton, Steven Spielberg, and David Koepp.

Mei long is believed to have been the ancestor of the later troodontids, such as Saurornithoides , Zanabazar , Sinovenator and Troodon