Nothronychus was the only therizinosaur that lived in North America, it lived in the Mid Cretaceous. Like it's relative, Therizinosaurus it had big claws and a kind-of long neck. It was 4.5-6 metres long and 3-3.6 metres tall. It was 1.5  ton in weight. It's diet was trees in the canopy area.

This dinosaur name means "Slothful claw" it was named by james I. Kirkland and Doglas G. Wolfe in 2001 there was something unusual in it it was a theropod but it's diet was plants.

It lived about 90 milion years in the late cretaceous.

Nothronychus was a strange dino with a 4 inch(10 cm) finger claws similar to those of sloths. This dinosaur walked on two legs. It had long arms, a long neck, a small head, a toothless beak, leaf-shaped cheek teeth, and a short tail. Although no feather imprints or fossils have been found, relatives of Nothronychus did have feathers. Nothronychus lived in swampy forests.

  • fighting an un-named zuni basin tyrannosaur