Protoceratops is a more primitive relation of the more famous Triceratops. It lived in Mongolia 75-65.5 million years ago, and was prey for Linheraptor and Velociraptor. A superb fossil of a Protoceratops was found in 1971, locked in mortal battle with a Velociraptor mongoliensis, as if they died in ation within our lifetimes - killed in midfight during a sandstorm. The Protoceratops is interestly one of the most historically recorded Dinosaurs ever - around 600 BCE, Eastern travellers and traders moving along the Spice Roads and Silk Roads through the Mongolian Deserts, were mystified by strange skeletons that would occassionally be exposed by the wind erosion of the dunes and red sandstones - seemingly animals that had died recently buried by the dunes and now revealed. As it happens, the plucky Ceratopsian Dinosaur, became known by the Ancient World as the 'Griffin' or 'Gryphon' of Persian and Greek Mythology (not that anyone truly knew what it was thousands of years ago) In fairness, it was a wolf sized, beaked and clawed, strange looking beast unlike anything else - they even thought its neck thrill was the base of the griffins wings. The Griffin compared with the Protoceratops is astoundingly similar when thinking only of skeletons. However, during the early 20th Century, and the explorations of the great American Palaeontologist and gunslinging adventurer, Professor Roy Chapman Andrews of The American Museum of Natural History in New York, things began to change. This controversial man (perhaps the inspiration for Indiana Jones, and perhaps more of a brawler interested in guns than the fossils he had his team dig up) led a massive expedition through Mongolia, in search of the origins of early human ancestors, in 1921. It cost 250,000 dollars, in those days an astronomical amount for any museum to fund, and still would be seen as expensive today which shows just how expensive it really was. With camel train and motor vechile combination of baggage transport, a researcher working for Roy Chapman Andrews, stumbled on what were to become the most well famed fossil deposits of the East - the Flaming Cliffs. Many Protoceratops were found, even clutches of eggs, and that fossil of one fighting a Velociraptor (though this was found later in 1971 long after Roy Chapman Andrews time)
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