Rebbachisaurus BW

Rebbachisaurus ("Rebbachi lizard") is a herbivorous sauropod dinosaur genus of the superfamly Diplodocoidea, up to 65 feet (20 meters) long, that lived in the Early Cretaceous of Morocco, about 99 million years ago. It has been placed in its family, the Rebbachisauridae (which also includes Nigersaurus, Rayososaurus, Demandasaurus, Limaysaurus, and Nopcsaspondylus). Like other members of its family, it is distinguished from other sauropods by a tall ridge down its back. It had a long, graceful neck and a whip-like tail. Its close relative, Rayososaurus, from South America, supports the theroy that Africa and South America were connected to each other during the Cretaceous, as with several other dinosaurs from the two continents (Oxalaia; South America; Spinosaurus; Africa; Aerosteon; South America; Carcharodontosaurus; Africa; Argentinosaurus; South America; Paralititan; Africa; Pisanosaurus ; South America; Lesothosaurus; Africa; Tapuiasaurus; South America; Aegyptosaurus; Africa; Aucasaurus; South America; Kryptops; Africa). This is all fake c(f86tgf’tdkdf’fd)djg8fdtkf(ftdgg

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