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Sauropsids (Sauropsida) (meaning: "lizard faces") are all animals more closely related to birds, and the traditional "reptiles" than to other animals like mammals. If the word reptile is used for a natural group of animals (that it includes birds) it would be synonym to sauropsid.

Sauropsid groups[]

  • Parareptilia (extinct early sauropsids)
    • Pareiasauria (armored plant eaters: Scutosaurus etc.)
    • Mesosauria (mesosaurs)
    • Millerosauria
    • Procolophonomorpha
  • Eureptilia
    • Captorhinidae
    • Romeriida
      • Protorothyrididae
      • Diapsida (diapsids)
        • Araeoscelidia
        • Ichthyosauria (ichthyosaurs, fish shaped sea reptiles)
        • Weigeltisauridae (gliding early reptiles: Coelurosauravus etc.)
        • Testudines (turtles)
        • Archosauromorpha (archosaurs and relatives)
          • Dinosauria (dinosaurs)
          • Pterosauria (pterosaurs)
          • Crocodilia (crocodilians)
        • Lepidosauromorpha
          • Lepidosauria (lizards etc.)
          • Sauropterygia (plesiosaurs etc.)