Cool Dino Facts Wiki
  • Q. What was a alvarezsaur?
  • A. They are a group of odd looking Dinos With 1-3 claws Rajaceratops)
  • I dont know... (TroodonDromaeosaur)

Q. What is the Meaning of The name "Opthalmosaurus"?

Q. Was the Pterosaurs Dinosaurs?

  • A. Right. again!!!!!!!! Rajaceratops )
  • No, but their close relatives (TroodonDromaeosaur)


Q. Who is the Bravest Dinosaur Ever lived?

  • A. Ultrasaurus , triceratops runs away from predators, because if triceratops hits a predator, the enemy will fall on the triceratops
  • Wrong!!! Every one Knows it!!!!!!!! It's TRICERATOPS

Who is The Dinosaur Thought to be The most Smartest Dinosaur,and Why?

  • A. Right.... Wrong, Troodon because it had a large brain compared to its body! Jaguar123
  • Troodon, because it has one of the largest brain of any dinosaurs. (TroodonDromaeosaur)