Teyuwasu barberenai by rafael albo-d386ngx

Teyuwasu is a dubious genus of dinosaur from the Late Triassic. Named by Edio-Ernst Kischlat in 1999, little is currently known about this genus; the type species, T. barbarenai, was named from leg bones (a femur and a tibia) discovered in geopark of paleorrota, Brazil. The specific namehonors Dr. Mário Costa Barberena, a South American paleontologist. Teyuwasu means "big lizard" in the Tupi language. The holotype, 1933L 53-54, is held at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich.

The remains of Teyuwasu were originally attributed by Friedrich von Huene in 1938 to the aetosaurHoplitosuchus.

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