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10 metres

Meaning of name

Savage lizard

Location of discovery

North America

Time period

Late Jurassic

Torvosaurus (meaning "Savage Lizard") is a genus of meat eating theropod. It was about 30 feet and over 10 metres long. Its diet was meat, mainly stegosaurs from that time. Torvosaurus was a large, heavy built theropod from the Late Jurassic of the American West. It had very powerful forelimbs ending in huge claws. It was closely related to Megalosaurus from the Mid Jurassic of England. For many decades only two types of large theropod were known from the Jurassic:horned Ceratosaurus and more advanced Allosaurus. However, fossil remains began to be discovered of another big meat-eater, one with very strong arms and short but powerful forearms. The hands of this dinosaur, which had only three fingers, ended in gigantic claws like the talons of eagles. As more of the skeleton was found, paleontologist realized that this was a new type of large theropod dinosaur. It was named Torvosaurus, the savage reptile. This new theropod was bigger than Ceratosaurus. Compared to the more graceful Allosaurus, Torvosaurus was a brute; its arms and legs were shorter and stockier. It probably wasn't able to hunt such as fast or agile prey as Allosaurus, but instead went after slower dinosaurs. In many ways Torvosaurus resembles the theropod Megalosaurus. Megalosaurus was one of the first fossil dinosaurs known to science, and only bits and pieces of it are known at present. It came from the U.S. in the states of Colorado and Utah.