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Name: Triceratops

Name Meaning: Three Horned Face


Diet: Herbivore

Height: 8-10 Feet

Length: 9 meters or 25 feet

Weight: 6-12 tons

Location: North America (Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota)

Time Period: Late Cretaceous

Classification: Ceratopsidae --> Chasmosaurinae

Describer: Marsh, 1889

Facts: Triceratops means Three Horned Face and it has it's name from The two Horns above it's eyes and a small one on it's nose and some people don't Know But it Have other small Horns(or Spikes)on it's frill and back and tail and also a parrot-like beak. it's Big Horns can Reach one metres.

it lived in North America and it was one of the most abundant animals about 68-65 million years ago, during the end of the Late Cretaceous period.

Armed with one meter long horns (probably even longer with their protective, sharp sheats that don't fossilize), and a parrot like beak with an incredibly strong bite force, Triceratops is often regarded as being one of the most dangerous herbivorous dinosaurs in real life. It could measure up to 8-9 meters long and weigh 6-12 tons, being larger than an elephant and heavier than an average T-rex.