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I`m an author, but I like dinosaurs, too. Check out my pages! I`m the guy who did "Dino Toys" and "Dino Doofus". You might think they are weird, but that just proves how creative and ingenius I am. People on this wiki make only pages on dinosaurs, like T-Rex. But there is another side to dinosaurs. A side much explored in the 21st century. This side includes man made dinosaur, I guess you can say, souviners. Video games, toys, and TV shows are these things- at least some of them. I think it is interesting how man takes dinosaurs on this level. I am on this wiki to edit dinosaur pages, you know, the facts. But this wiki also helps me learn and research how man takes dinosaurs to a whole different level. A level which doesn`t include fossils or facts. A level which mixes dinosaurs with the 21st century. To me, that is cool. I don`t care what you say or do to my account, profile, talk page, or pages. I think what I think and you think what you think. That is, in my opinion, a fact.

That pretty much sums up me: why I'm on this Wiki and why I find dinosaurs so interesting. And no, I am not some booger-filled six year old who doesn't know what they're doing. You should take me seriously because I take this Wiki seriously. Everything above I agree with, but if you don't, that's okay. You can always contact me and I will reply so we can discuss these matters. I hope you do enjoy my pages and edits either way, and check out my Wikis when you have the chance. They're a bit rusty but I'm sure you will enjoy them anyway.

Hope you enjoy! 

-Isabelle Lenore :)