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Note: How This Works by Isa0304[]

I love to write so I created this story that anyone can edit. I will write a piece now and you add to it. Have fun! Comment your questions/comments. :)

Chapter 1: My 1 Wish For Christmas[]

My name is Rodger Williow and I am 10 years old. My parents have told me since I could talk to pick 1 thing I want for Christmas, no matter if it is SUPER immpossible to ever get. But I always get it, because that 1 thing is what I ask Santa Claus and he always gives me that thing. This year, though, I want a Maiasaura. Because when I was 3 my real mother died in a car crash and I have missed her like crazy since then. A Maiasaura is the closest thing to a mother I could ever have.